Tanzania:AliKiba Ndombolo New Song is on, now!Making Headline On Youtube

KING Ali Saleh KibaAliKiba’ on June 10 has released a new dance that goes by the name of Ndombolo. So far it has done well, has at least 541,207 followers this is a good move.

I have written this article with the aim of reminding Kiba that, if it is a car it is the first to burn.

He should not let his fans down because they believe in him. They have supported him for over 15 years now since he started music.

He has to really show his old age. On several occasions he has been lost at the pinnacle of Bongo Fleva. He leaves youngsters, Nasibu Abdul ‘Diamond Platnumz’, Rajab Abdul ‘Harmonize’ and sometimes even Raymond Mwakyusa ‘Rayvanny’.

You wonder, is Kiba really being demoted to fourth or fifth grade by these guys? Why does he know music? Why does he only have so much potential.

Don't forget, he also has enough experience. If it's a music controversy he knows it, if it's a music business he knows it well. Several years ago, Kiba disappeared from the game for a long time.
Diamond continued to take root in music, continuing to produce young people who, in one way or another, turned out to be Kiba's rivals and not Diamond anymore.

There was a time when Harmonize was able to control only Kiba well and he didn't move. I mean you absolutely see Diamond's Harmonize rival.

When Harmonize left Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB), he really pushed himself to make sure he became Diamond's rival. To some extent he succeeded and no doubt even that Diamond hurt his head. He sat down and saw that in order to confront Harmonize, he had to expand further.

He invested heavily in promoting his artists including Zuhura Othuman ‘Zuchu’ and Rayvanny. Zuchu gained momentum and became very big in a short time. That became another spectacle for Harmonize to compete. Harmonize responded by signing a woman to her label, Anjella.

This made him think again Diamond saw the boy fighting and that's when he decided to release Rayvanny who went to start his own label.

During all this time, Kiba was no longer spoken of. The entertainment world became more and more talked about Wasafi and Konde Gang. You talk more about Rayvanny, Diamond and Harmonize. Kiba at the time is just there, we don’t know what he’s doing when he’s also a great artist.

Here is the basis of my article, Kiba should be very self-aware. He should know that he should be in his place musically.

He knows, he is a technician why does he allow these young men to hold his mustache on a regular basis? He has released his beautiful song Ndombolo and the fans have supported him. The song is funny, we see how he has started releasing video clips while rehearsing the video for the song. The video should not be too late now, he should make sure to make the song great.

I can't say what he should do but he knows what the music wants. Dance is seventh in trending at the moment, why not reach number one like his colleagues do and dance comes to number one. It's only natural that when Harmonize releases a dance, it comes to number one.

Similarly for Zuchu, Diamond or Rayvanny releasing their dances must get to the number one trending.

Why didn't Kiba and you get to number one? Kiba should be excited. He has to do what needs to be done to get his things in order. Ndombolo is in charge, stepping on the spot. Don't let it go down again, you have to go up.

Planning is a choice, if you will continue to do maringo, if you continue to practice your traditional music it will still allow young people to dominate. Worse still, there are Zuchu or Nandy who have found you in the game and there are times when they are talked about more than

When he returned and released several strong dances including Cheketua, he did well and people believed that the owner of the chair had returned as he had done.

His new drums grabbed him, hit him hard but he still failed to get his young Diamond on the railway who was then ‘fire’ on the rail. He finds himself making his own music but it doesn't meet Diamond's standards. The years go by, every time we wait for Kiba to return to his place it fails.

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